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4 Ways a Guitar Trainer Can Help Learning be Less Stressful

Maybe you’ve dabbled here and there with the thought of learning guitar. You’ve even watched a few YouTube videos and thought, “I could do that.” But then you go to get started and somehow don’t know where to actually start. That’s where a Guitar Trainer comes in - everyone’s favorite tool to learn guitar chords in half the time as traditional methods. Never heard of one? See why everyone is obsessed.

1. A guitar trainer that actually works. Would we kid?

No we’re not talking about expensive paid lessons or even half-jamming along with your 90s grunge neighbor who’s mastered a really good version of Wonderwall. 

Guitar Trainers are the latest gadget, trending across America helping girls, teens, grown men and anyone with an inkling of musical disposition to not only learn guitar, but master it in less time than it takes to tune up. 

Acoustro has a trainer that literally fits in your pocket so you can practice chords and finger placement on the fly. They even have a 30 day hassle-free return policy so you have nothing to lose and nothing but new guitar skills to gain!

2. Some choose to meditate, others choose guitar.

Playing guitar can be a hobby but we like to think of it as more of a lifestyle. At least that’s how a Guitar Trainer helps you stay in check. 

Playing guitar has all kinds of benefits from hand-eye coordination to improving your confidence. It’s also an incredible stress reliever. Say goodbye anxiety. 

Regularly practicing with a Guitar Trainer is like a form of therapy and is incredibly beneficial for your mental health. 

So why not put the remote control down and join a community where you can learn new skills and express your creativity (and maybe even those feelings).

3. Everyone is a beginner at some point.

Instead of spending time surfing Netflix for the next binge-worthy show you can practice chords and finger placement. 

It’s like exercise for you hands. No, but seriously! You need to build up those calluses if you ever expect to improve. Guitar Trainers helps you do just that. 

As a result from building that muscle memory and strengthening those finger tips, you’ll actually learn how to play the guitar far more quickly with this device. We know. It sounds crazy. But don’t feel overwhelmed. 

The swivel screen on Acoustro's Guitar Trainer breaks everything down for you so you can go at your own pace. But if we were the “betting kind”, we’d boldly guess that with the help of a Guitar Trainer you’re on your way to mastering the guitar in no time.

4. Patience is your best virtue. But when that runs out, there’s guitar trainers.

For those moments of the day where time can't seem to move quick enough (road trips, your daily commute, getting your car serviced)... 

Make the most of the opportunity with an impromptu training session. Pocket-sized Guitar Trainers teach both you the basics in any environment that you chose and in a convenient, portable fashion. 

Carving out regular time to practice is half the battle. So taking a Guitar Trainer wherever you go will present you with many opportunities to increase your proficiency as a guitarist.

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A gift from the heavens

"I'm just learning to do my own basic setups for guitars, and this cool piece of metal is a gift from the heavens to me. Having this ruler, has made me look like I know what I'm doing, when setting up my own guitars, or one of my friend's guitars.
It's a must have for anyone that is a guitar tech, or an amateur, at home, doing their own work."

- Michael B. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My husband loves this product to help practice while traveling

"My husband has been teaching himself to play the guitar. He drives a tractor trailer and has down time. During this time he uses this pocket guitar to help him practice. He said it is really helping."

- Jacob C. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great product!

"This is an amazing tool for those who are busy and can't take their guitar to work. And it's silent and will not bother anyone at work."

- Peter S. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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